Very useful Emergency information


Beach Name :  Trevone Bay

Six Figure OS Grid Ref : SW 892 760

Postcode for Ambulance : PL28 8QY

Land Ambulance pick up point : Slip Road, next to main beach entrance

Air Ambulance Alternative Landing Site : Grass Area on the South West Side of the bay

Cliff Rescue Team (CoastGuard) : Padstow CG Team

Lifeboat : Padstow Lifeboat


Beach faces : North West

Beach Length at Low Tide : 400 metres

Tidal Range on (mean springs): Distance 400m 


General Dangers

Narrow cove shaped bay with rocks and cliffs surrounding 400m horizontal tidal range.  Sandy beach with few rocky outcrops

High Tide : rips, submerged rocks

Mid Tide : Submerged rocks & rips

Low Tide : Strong Rips and dumping waves

Public Recue Equipment (PRE) : Torpedo Tubes and Emergency Telephone located Beach Entrance and Beach Lifeguard Facility (BLF)


Life Guard Equipment: 4×4 vehicle x1 , ATV x1 , IRB x 1, Boards x3, Tubes x6

Life Guard Manning : Full/Main season 3/4 Lifeguards, Peak Season 4 Lifeguards

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